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Mixer Auxiliary Output, Group Output and Audio Processor Pro

Q: Auxiliary output knob AUX open, this road is still still sound into the main output bus? Similarly, the group output button is pressed, the road sound is still still at the same time into the main output bus?
A: AUX open with the main output does not matter, this knob determines the way in the auxiliary output of the volume. Grouping Press this line into the corresponding group, and whether to enter the main output bus has nothing to do. There is also a send key (usually red) below the group key. Press this key to output to the main output bus, otherwise, it will not be sent to the main output bus.
Q: Why do not you listen to the amplifier in parallel with the main amplifier?
A: Return to listen and the main output is different, the main output is to listen to the audience, return to listen to singers or performers. Hear back generally through the auxiliary output, through the AUX adjustment to get the voice of the listener needs, such as singers, he will need a little more of their own voice, such as a band guitarist, he would need a little more guitar sound.
Q: There is the problem of audio processor crossover, after the crossover, the bass to the bass amplifier; that the other to the main amplifier all the way is only the high-frequency components or full-frequency components have it?
A: Digital processing is divided by a combination of a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter, and he can divide each output. So by setting each way you can get the band you want. For example, digital processor is 2 into 4 out, 1, 2 output then full frequency speaker, 3, 4 output connected to the end of the sound box, full frequency speaker we hope that he replays the sound above 40Hz, then We set 1 and 2 HPF 40Hz, LPF off or maximum (HPF high pass filter, set to 40, is higher than 40 through, LPF is a low-pass filter, there is no ceiling we turn off). Ultra low We want it to reproduce 20Hz-120Hz sound with HPF set to 20Hz and LPF set to 120Hz.

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